Jonny Wobbler 13cm 50g 012/Green Motoroil Pike UV


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19,90 €
Jonny Vobbler is a new bait to the Strike PRO family.
The idea came up for Jonny Thofeldt, a crazy good pike fishermen from Sweden, a few years ago when he was fishing in Rügen with his friend who was using wobbler. He wanted the same action in a hard lure as you get in a rubber bait. Not that irritating movement, with a fast vobbling as in most of the wobblers.

He started the journey with this bait to handcraft them, but realized pretty soon that it took too much time and too many people wanted them. That made he take the decision to show the bait to Strike Pro / Catch with care, and they got hooked instantly.

The bait is 13 cm and weighs 50 gram. It has already many good sized fish in it's bag pack.

Paino: 53g
Uintisyvyys: 0,5-2m



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