POLYVER Saappaat Premium Korkea


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Excellent protection from the cold +5°C / -50°C
Lightness: 40% lighter than a rubber or PVC boot
Flexibility and suppleness even at very low temperatures
Supple upper for excellent walking comfort
100% watertight: no seams
Stiff outsole: stability and shock absorption
Ergonomic shape: good ankle support
Wide fit: better air circulation
Shock-absorbing heel: cushions impact with the ground and improves the roll of the foot
Acrylic/wool inner lining: warm and quick-drying
Inner lining has a reinforced heel: greater comfort and longer life
Removable insole: additional thermal insulation thanks to its aluminum film
Boot strap and removal tab to put on and remove the boots more easily
Adjustable collar with drawstring
Antibacterial treatment
High grip outsole: non-slip treads and evacuation channels at the sides for better expulsion of liquids and solids
Defined heel: improved safety, particularly on ladders
Resistance to abrasion, hydrocarbons, oils and industrial lubricants
Antistatic treatment
Three times stronger than PVC on average
Tested under extreme conditions and without damage:
- 200 000 bending cycles at -20°C
- 69 hours immersed in water



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